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Drug Intervention

A drug intervention is a process where friends and family of someone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction choose to intervene to help the individual realize the extent and magnitude of their problem. Oftentimes, individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol may not truly realize the extent of their addiction, or realize the full impact it is having on those around them. In these desperate circumstances concerned individuals may reach out to what is known as a drug intervention specialist who will help them set up what is known as a “drug intervention”, to try to intervene on a loved one before it is too late.

How a Drug Intervention Works

The first step in having a drug intervention is to hire a professionally trained drug intervention specialist. The specialist will be fully trained in mental and behavioral patterns specific to drug and alcohol abuse, and will help to guide you on the best course of action regarding the upcoming intervention. Here the specialist will work with you to create a strategy to bring the addict to the meeting, unaware that the individual’s family and close friends will be gathered there waiting to confront them on their substance abuse problem. It is vitally important that the addict has no suspicion that some type of intervention is taking place or they will most likely refuse to show up. Once the struggling individual has arrived, the drug intervention will abrubtly begin.

The first thing that will happen is the drug interventionist will explain to the user what is going on and why they are here. Then they will start to discuss how their drug addiction has affected the relationship of each person in the room in a negative way. Here each family member and close friend will explain to the user exactly how their addiction has negatively affected them and their relationship, and how they will no longer continue in that relationship until the drug problem has been resolved. This is an important step in any drug intervention process and is necessary in order for the addict to fully realize what is at stake.

After an Intervention

After a drug intervention has concluded and the individual listened to what everyone had to say, they will have the option to immediately go seek treatment or choose to live with the consequences laid out at the intervention. Most times, the individual will agree to seek treatment at a later date but do not wish to enter a program right away. However, this cannot be allowed and it must be made clear that it is either now or never.

How to Find a Drug Intervention Specialist

While there are many “Addiction specialists” out there claiming to be professional drug interventionists, this is not always the case. When searching for a professional drug interventionist always make sure they have the right credentials, references, and significant experience doing drug interventions. Many interventionists will have a BRI-I or BRI-II and will be certified by the Association of Intervention Specialists. Many interventionists may have other degrees such as an MSW, CCDC, or CSW.

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