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Spanish Drug Treatment Rehabs in Texas

Drug Use in Texas

The state of Texas has been intertwined with Spanish and Mexican influence throughout its history. First discovered by Spanish explorers in the early 1500s, Texas was under Spanish or Mexican control for nearly 200 years. This early influence is evident in many of the state’s historical landmarks and architecture, as well as names of cities and rivers. This early Hispanic influence is still evident in Texas today with 38% of the population being Hispanic, with a mix of south western US and Hispanic culture permeating the state.

Even though the rate of drug use in Texas is lower than the national average, the state has a unique situation where the availability of drugs are high and the cost of drugs is low. Alcohol addiction continues to be the primary factor for entering rehab in the state of Texas, while marijuana addiction remains second. Rates of cocaine and LSD usage are down throughout the state, while rates of methamphetamine and prescription drug use has risen in the last decade. The most alarming drug use trend in Texas is the increase in heroin usage, especially among young Hispanics. In the last decade, heroin usage by Texans in their 20s has risen 10%, while heroin usage among Hispanics has risen 30%.

Importance of Spanish Speaking Rehab Centers

This startling demographic switch in heroin abuse has reinforced the importance of Spanish speaking rehab centers in the state of Texas. While many drug rehab centers offer their pamphlets, questionnaires, and other materials in Spanish as well as English, Spanish speaking counselors and medical personnel are essential to facilitate long term recovery for a Spanish speaking addict. An essential part of any drug rehab program is therapy. Therapy can help patients to identify personal factors that led to drug use, as well as teach them to recognize and avoid the triggers that can lead to relapse.

How to Find a Spanish Speaking Rehab Centers in Texas

There are many different types of drug treatment programs available in Texas that offers Spanish speaking personnel. If an individual’s primary language is Spanish, then one of the best things they can do is to visit a Spanish speaking rehab facility. Most rehab centers in Texas list their resources, such as Spanish speaking therapists and medical practitioners, on their websites. The Texas Department of Health (866-378-8440) also has information on different drug treatment programs that cater to Spanish speaking residents.

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