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Executive Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab for Business Executives

If you’re a high powered business executive, or a well-to-do businessman or woman, and you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you may want to consider admitting yourself into an executive drug rehab facility. These luxury drug rehab centers have been specifically created to help thousands of business professionals just like yourself, to recover from the depths of drug and alcohol addiction. Executive drug rehab facilities offer you the privacy and anonymity you need to complete your drug rehabilitation while staying out of the public eye. Many individuals, who may have resisted traditional drug rehab programs, have found that executive drug rehabilitation is the perfect fit for their own unique lifestyle.

What is Executive Drug Rehab?

Executive drug rehab is designed around the philosophy that people in the business world have their own set of stress related issues including 10 + hour workdays, looming project deadlines, layoffs and other pressures that can often lead to drug or alcohol abuse. Because of this unique set of problems, many in the business world may be better off going to an executive rehab facility specifically designed to address these specific problems and concerns. This specialized treatment approach has helped thousands of business executives regain control of their lives and helped them to formulate better strategies of dealing with the stress in the future.

Executive drug rehab goes the extra mile by offering a luxury drug rehabilitation facility that addresses your unique values and concerns as a businessperson. Executive drug rehab is perfect for clients who:

  • Need a discreet and private treatment program
  • Clients who have relapsed several times after being to multiple rehabs
  • Clients who want an upscale treatment facility that can accommodate their business needs
  • Individuals who need to be monitored very closely and need a lot of specialized individual treatment
  • Clients in the business world who have never been to treatment and are new to drug or alcohol rehab

Executive Rehab Treatments

Once you get admitted to an executive drug treatment facility you will first meet with a drug or alcohol addiction specialist to address your current problems and formulate an individualized treatment plan that will best work for you. Your overall physical and mental health will be evaluated and doctors will take into account any underlying health and psychological problems you may be suffering from.

During the course of treatment, each individual will go through a drug or alcohol detox program, one-on-one drug counseling, group therapy meetings, as well as many other strategies that teach you how to cope with a life without drugs and alcohol. These coping skills will place a large emphasis on sobriety and stress management in a fast paced business environment, as well developing better interpersonal and business relationships.

Another great aspect of executive drug rehab programs is that many of them will provide you with state of the art office facilities that will let you continue to work while your receiving treatment. Because many high powered executives cannot afford to be away from their jobs for weeks at a time, this gives them the unique opportunity to continue working while receiving treatment they need.

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